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A) All content, including text, articles, software, scripts, graphics, photos, sound, music, video, layout, interactive features and more, including all user submissions found on the ReviewOnline website. Is. . Content on the Website is provided to you on an AS basis for your information and personal use and may not be licensed for download, copy, reproduction, distribution, transmission, transmission, presentation, sale, or other purposes. Yes, otherwise it will not be used. Without the prior written consent of the relevant employer. All rights reserved on the reviewonline.online website and content are exclusive.
B. You can fully access customer submissions:
- For your information and personal use; - Through the normal operation of the Filmfare website; And - for streaming
"Streaming" means the contemporary digital transmission of audio-visual function over the Internet from the ReviewOnline.line website for the user's device, intended for real-time viewing and copying of data. It is not intended to create, store, or permanently download. , Or user redistribution. The user is prohibited from accessing the videos for any purpose or in any way other than streaming. User video is provided "as is".
Access to some of the most common features of our website is free. However, in order to use certain services on our website, such as online shopping or interactive features, we request you to complete the registration form and therefore create a Filmfare.com user account.
C. Review Online User comments will be made fully available for your information and personal use, as done through the normal operation of the website. User comments are available "as is" and should not be used, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, sold, licensed or downloaded in any way for the normal operation of the reviewer. Use. Online Website or Prohibited under this Agreement.
D. You can only review as reviewed under this Agreement. ReviewOnline.On online content and the rights granted and all rights granted on the ReviewOnline.Online website.
E. You agree not to participate in, copy or distribute any content which is explicitly prohibited, including the use, copying or distribution of third party consumer submissions received through the Website for any commercial purposes. .

F. You agree not to review the safety features of any content, to avoid, to terminate or avoid, to review, prevent or prevent the use of any content. .
Yes. When you use the Reviewonline.online website, you understand that you are subject to customer submissions from a variety of sources, and that reviewonline.online is not responsible for the accuracy, use, security or intellectual property rights of any or all of them. Performances. You further understand and agree that you may be subject to inappropriate, abusive, obscene or offensive user submissions and you agree to apologize and you have no legal or equivalent right or authority to review for it. Online Website or ReviewOnline.line, and the Filmfare Website, including its owners / operators, subsidiaries and / or licensees, agree to pay compensation to Filmfare, its executives, directors and employees and to avoid the full extent permitted by law. All matters relating to the use of your website.
Your customer submissions and practices
A. As a client of the reviewonline.online website or reviewonline.online, you can submit video content ("user video") and text content ("user comments"). User videos and user comments are collectively referred to as "user displays". Once you understand whether such user submissions will be published, ReviewOnline.online does not guarantee the privacy of any user submissions.
B. You are solely responsible for your own customer submissions and the results of posting or publishing them. With respect to User Submissions, you have certified, represented and / or warranted: you have the license, rights, consent and use permissions to use and review all patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights or copyrights. Other Ownership and Proprietary Rights in any and all User Submissions, through reviewonline.online and these Terms of Service, consider the procedure for initiating the use of User Submissions.
C. For clarity, you have all your proprietary rights in your user rights. However, by submitting user submissions for review on the reviewonline.online website, you have the ability to review, reproduce, distribute, create, and generate contributions worldwide, non-exclusive, non-royalty, sublicense and transferable licenses. Execute user submissions with revisions. Website and ReviewOnline.Line business, without restriction for promotion or redistribution, or through any media formats and through any media channels (and derivative contributions). You grant hereby a non-exclusive license to each user of the Filmfare website to access, use, reproduce and distribute these User Submissions through the Website. Displaying and limiting the functionality of the Website in these circumstances. Service. The licenses you have granted for user video expire commercially at a reasonably reasonable rate after your user video has been reviewed or deleted. From the reviewonline.online.online website. However, the reviewed online.Online does not display, distribute, or distribute server copies of deleted or deleted user submissions. The licenses granted by you in the user comments are permanent and cannot be changed.
D. In connection with User Submissions, you agree not to submit material that is copyrighted, protected by trade secret, or subject to third party proprietary rights, including privacy and publicity rights. Permission from the Owner of their right to review and grant content without reviewing or owning the Content‌ and to review all licensing rights granted to it.
E. Reviewonline.online does not support any user sub-reviews. The Online Mission explicitly disclaims any and all liability in connection with any feedback, recommendation or suggestion, and Filmfare user submissions expressed therein. reviewonline.online does not permit copyright infringement activities and intellectual property infringement on its website and reviewonline.online removes all content and user submissions if it is properly informed that such content or user submissions are subject to any other infringing intellectual property rights. ReviewOnline.Online reserves the right to delete content and user submissions without prior notice.

Account closing procedure
A. Reviewline.Online will, under appropriate circumstances, terminate user access to their website if it is determined to be a recurring violation.
These Terms of Review reserve the right to determine whether content or user submission is appropriate, not limited to copyright infringement, pornography, pornography or protective content. Limited to high length. . reviewonline.online may, in violation of such Terms of Service, delete such User Submissions at any time without prior notice and at its discretion and / or terminate the User's access to upload such Content.
Warranty denial
Materials, products and services are provided "as is" without any warranty.
You assess all risks related to trade, intent and non-infringement and use and harmful WWM and malicious WWM and any content / losses or damages. .
ReviewOnline.You agree that your use of the Website will be at your own risk. At the full extent permitted by law, reviewonline.online, its executives, directors, employees and agents express, express or indicate all warranties regarding the use of your Website and your use. reviewonline.online makes no warranties or representations about the accuracy or completeness of the content of the Website or the content of any Site linked to the Website and (i) inaccuracies, errors, or inaccuracies or inappropriate liability of the Content. Personal injury or property damage of any nature as a result of access to and use of the Website, (iii) Unauthorized use of our secure servers and / or any and all personal information and / or financial information. , (iv) termination or termination of any bug, virus, Trojan horse or similar to the Website and / or (v) any third party, (iv) or any bugs, viruses, Trojan horse or any interruption. Posted, emailed, communicated or reviewed as a result of any error or omission in any material or use of any material for any loss or damage. reviewonline.online does not review, review, warrant or guarantee any product or service for any product or service. You are not responsible in any way or in any way for overseeing any transactions between you and third party providers of products or services. When purchasing a product or service in any medium or in any environment, you must exercise your best judgment and take care where appropriate. Our Website may contain hyperlinks to other websites owned or operated by parties other than ours. 
Limitation of liability
In any case, it does not review its officers, directors, employees or agents. You are liable for any direct, indirect, accidental, special, punitive or consequential damages arising out of any (i) errors, omissions or errors. Content, (ii) personal injury or property damage of any nature as a result of access to and use of the Website, (iii) for unauthorized use of our secure servers and / or any and all personal information and /. Or financial information stored therein, (iv) through any Website, or any worms, viruses, Trojan horses, etc., or any third party through the Website (website), or any interruption or transmission thereof. And / or (v) the warranty provided for any defect or exclusion in any material or for any loss or damage caused by the use of any material you have posted, emailed, transmitted, or reviewed, subject to agreement, RT, or any other legal principle, and such Whether the company has been advised about the possibility of damage. The above limitation of liability applies to the full extent permitted by law within the applicable jurisdiction. You specifically agree that reviewonline.online is not responsible for user submissions or the abusive, abusive or unlawful conduct of any third party and that you are solely responsible for any harm or damage caused by any of the above.
The Website is controlled and displayed through reviewonline.online from its facilities in India. reviewonline.online The reviewonline.online e website does not represent that it is suitable or available for use elsewhere. Users or users of the Reviewonline.online website from other courts may do so at their own discretion and are responsible for compliance with applicable local law within the relevant jurisdiction.
Damage protection
ReviewOnline.Online, its executives, directors, employees and agents agree to accept. Advocate fees) arise from: (i) your use and access to the ReviewOnline website; (ii) your violation of any term of these Terms of Service; (iii) infringe the right of any third party without the right to copyright, property or privacy; Or (iv) claim that one of your customer submissions is harmful to a third party. Liability for this protection and indemnity is excluded from these Terms of Service and your use of the reviewonline.online website.
You verify that you are over 18 years of age, or have the consent of the legal guardian or guardian and are able to access the terms, conditions, obligations, certifications, representations and warranties specified in the Terms of Service. And are capable of. , And follow and abide by these Terms of Service. However, according to the review, it has been confirmed that you are over 13 years old. 13. The Website is not intended for children under 13 years of age. If you are under 13, please review. There are many more great websites for you. Talk to your parents about which sites are right for you.
You may not transfer or assign these Terms of Service and any rights and licenses granted herein, but may assign them online without review.
You agree: (i) ReviewOnline.Online website is deemed to be entirely in New Delhi; And (ii) ReviewOnline.Online Website shall be deemed to be a dysfunctional website, subject to reviewOnline.Online, specific or general personal jurisdiction in courts other than New Delhi. These Terms of Service are governed by the internal fundamental laws of India without violating the principles of law. Any claim or dispute between you or ReviewOnline.Online or ReviewOnline.Online will be resolved exclusively by a competent court in New Delhi, India. These Terms of Service include the Privacy Notice at http://www.reviewonline.online/privacy-policy as well as other legal notices published on the website reviewonline.online, including the entire agreement between you and reviewonline.online reviewonline. . .Online Website. If any provision of these Terms of Service is deemed to be invalid, the invalidity of such Terms shall not affect the validity of any other Terms of this Terms of Service which are in full force and effect. Any exemption from these Terms of Service shall not be construed as a further or continuing waiver of such or any other term and failure to review any right or terms under these Terms of such right reviewonline.online. There will be no exception. Or provision. reviewonline.online reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service at any time and without notice. We reserve the right to change the membership fee, membership fee and other usage fees in relation to any content, products or services provided through our website.
Your review after modifying these Terms of Service indicates your acceptance and acceptance of the Terms of Use of the reviewonline.online website.
In this case or for any clarification regarding these Terms of Use, you can email to contact bijitsharma1987@gmail.com
Additional denial
1. All the treatments found here have not been scientifically proven. The information on this site should not in any way replace the doctor's advice. reviewonline.online does not assume or assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided here. Check with a specialist or doctor before using any of the instructions mentioned.
2. reviewonline.online does not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any of its content other than that of you or members of the community, such as experts or distinguished guests. Regardless of the source or source of any content on reviewonline.online, you agree that you're solely responsible for the use of such Content and that Filmfare.com is not responsible for any content that you rely on reviewonline.online. . All materials are available "as is" without warranties, representations or any warranty. reviewonline.online contents of reviewonline.online respects any and all indicated warranties. Some materials may only apply to certain countries. It is your responsibility to determine how any content applies to the country you wish to use. Views on reviewonline.online. The views of the individual author do not reflect the views of reviewonline.online
3. reviewonline.online respects the intellectual property of others and wants our customers to do the same. Reviewonline.online reviewonline.online will not be liable on other websites for terminating and terminating your customers' accounts under the appropriate circumstances and, at their discretion, when using Reviewonline.online products or services. Who may infringe or repeatedly infringe on the copyright or other intellectual property rights of reviewonline.online and / or others?
Notice for Agent Claims for Intellectual Property Violation and Information

This process is for copyright and other intellectual property matters only. Please write to contact bijitsharma1987@gmail.com
If you believe your work has been copied as a copyright infringement or your intellectual property rights have been infringed, please provide reviewonline.online (your "notice") .com with the following information:
- Electronic or physical signature of the copyright owner or other person authorized to act on behalf of the intellectual property interest;
- Copyrighted work or other intellectual property you specify has been infringed;
- The infringing details of the content you claim are on the reviewonline.online site, with as much detail as we can find on the website (in most cases, we need a URL);
- Your address, telephone number and email address;
- Your statement that you have good faith that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright or intellectual property owner, its agent or by law;
- A statement made under the Penalty Penalty stating that the above information in your notice is accurate and that you have the right to act on behalf of the copyright or intellectual property owner or copyright or intellectual property owner.

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